EDUCATE: Schools & Education Program

Education is one of the primary factors regarding poverty.  Those who are educated are better equipped to rise out of poverty and those who are uneducated will have a harder time breaking the bonds of poverty. Liberia has an extremely high illiteracy rate and a very poor education system.  It ranks as one of the worst in the world.  We feel that education is not only a way out of poverty but is also important (essential) for being able to read and comprehend God's Word!  

Great King Academy will include preschool, primary and secondary levels. It will also include technical school courses so that young people can learn trades that will prepare them for employment and thus improve the economy in Liberia.Thus, Teamwork Africa began building Great King Academy to provide quality academics with a Christian foundation. We want to raise the next generation of Liberian leaders and influence them for Christ, so they can impact the culture of Liberia.